ENERGON Brewery and BAŠTÝŘ beer

ENERGON brewery was founded in March 2013 as a part of general reconstruction of the whole guesthouse.

In November 2012 the public competition was launched to design a logo and to name the new brewery and beer. On 14th April 2013 the winners were invited to receive their awards (see the photo gallery).

We offer high-quality non-filtered and unpasteurized beers.

Come and try our Novorybnické pivo Baštýř.

Logo Baštýř


Beer production is supervised by our brew master Petr Králíček and a brew master - consultant David Pátek.

Lunch menu for: 15.08.2019

Soup: 35,- Kč


Menu 1: 115,- Kč

Moravský vrabec se zelím a bramborovými knedlíky

Menu 2: 110,- Kč

Vepřová játra na roštu s rýží

Beer glass for sale
glass of a brewary ENERGON