Do you feel tired and are you lacking energy? Treat yourself to something special!

Our sauna and original beer bath will stimulate your immune system and help you relax overall.



Cleopatra bath, beer bath, peat bath, salt bath from the Dead Sea

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Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna is the sweat bath (approx. 75 °C) which helps avoid diseases and maintain good health by eliminating toxins through sweating. It has a beneficial effect on the circulation.

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Sport massage, relaxing, Breuss massage, lava stones massage, anti-cellulite, Indian head massage, chocolate, lifting face

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Price list

baths - ceník koupele | finnish sauna - 300,- Kč / hour | masáže - ceník masáže

Lunch menu for: 24.02.2020

Soup: 35,- Kč

Cibulačka se sýrem

Menu 1: 120,- Kč

Tortilla s vepřovým masem a zeleninou

Menu 2: 125,- Kč

Sýrový špíz s vařeným bramborem a tatarkou

Beer glass for sale
glass of a brewary ENERGON