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Special offer

0,4l Raspberry lemonade according to our recipe55,- Kč
0,4l Thyme lemonade according to our recipe55,- Kč
0,4l Lemonade (to the daily menu)55,- Kč
Aperol Spritz (aperol, prosecco, soda, ice, orange)95,- Kč
Hugo (elderberry syrup, prosecco, soda, lime, mint)95,- Kč
Beefeater Pink & Tonic (beefeater pink, tonic pink, strawberry, ice)110,- Kč
NEW! 400g Pork ribs in a beer marinade with traditional toppings and toasted bread270,- Kč


80g Beef carpaccio with basil pesto, capers and Grana Padano cheese215,- Kč
100g Poultry livers on pears and beacon served with grilled bread 110,- Kč
100g Beef steak tartare mixed to order served with garlic and grilled bread 135,- Kč


0,33l Soup of the day40,- Kč


250g Caesar Salad- leaves of romaine lettuce mixed with 'Caesar' dressing with anchovies, croutons and Grana Padano cheese 170,- Kč
300g Caesar Salad with grilled chicken and bacon 210,- Kč
200g Mixed greens with Balkan cheese100,- Kč

Main Dishes

250g Pork fillet Tagliatelle, mushroom sauce and Grana Padano cheese 205,- Kč
150g Chicken steak with blue cheese sauce, roast potatoes 195,- Kč
150g Beef hamburger with beacon, egg, french fries and wholegrain mustard mayonaise 240,- Kč
150g Pork fillet with autumn vegetables (mushroom, pepper or thyme sauce)250,- Kč
150g Tradicional czech 'Svickova'- cooked beef tenderloin in creamy vegetable sauce, served with Carlsbad dumplings195,- Kč
150g Slow cooked beef cheeks on red vine, served with potato puree and grilled vegetables 245,- Kč
400g Pork ribs marinated in beer, served with tradicional garniture and baked bread 270,- Kč
150g Trout fillet with baked cherry tomatoes, herb sauce and Grenaille potatoes 265,- Kč

Delicacies to wine and beer

100g Fried potato crisps with piquant mayonaise 80,- Kč
200g Selection of Czech cheese, ham and salami with cranberry jam and pastry for 1 person150,- Kč
600g Selection of Czech cheese, ham and salami with cranberry jam and pastry for 4 people400,- Kč
80g Roasted almonds95,- Kč


150g Blueberry dumplings out of puff pastry with mascarpone cheese and cream 105,- Kč
100g Chocolate fondant with cherry sauce and vanilla ice cream 110,- Kč

Children's meals

100g Chicken schnitzel, mashed potato, butter115,- Kč
100g Grilled chicken breast, mashed potato115,- Kč
100g Traditional “Svickova” with Carlsbad dumplings145,- Kč
80g Fried cheese in bread crumbs with french fries and tartar sauce95,- Kč
Lunch menu for: 16.10.2020

Soup: 40,- Kč

Hovězí vývar s celestýnskými nudlemi

Menu 1: 130,- Kč

Táborská bašta

Menu 2: 0,- Kč


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