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80g Rabbit Liver with Baked Apple and Red Onion, served with toasted bread 125,- Kč
80g Game Pâté with Cranberry Jam, served with toasted bread105,- Kč
80g Grilled Peppers with Baked Goat Cheese, served with toasted bread170,- Kč


0,33 l Soup of the Day35,- Kč
0,33l Soup Special 55,- Kč


250 g Caesar Salad - crisp romaine lettuce with anchovy dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese 130,- Kč
300 g Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and Roasted Bacon195,- Kč
250 g Lettuce Mixture with Baked Goat Cheese, Baked Beets and Walnuts 210,- Kč
200 g Small Mixed Salad with Feta Cheese 105,- Kč


250 g Spaghetti Carbonara with Pancetta and parmesan 195,- Kč
250 g Spaghetti with Grilled Peppers, Mozzarella and basil pesto 185,- Kč
250 g Creamy Italian Risotto with Forest Mushrooms and parmesan 175,- Kč

Main Dishes

200 g Beef Burger Baked with Raclette Cheese, Coarse Grain Mayonnaise, Fries and coleslaw245,- Kč
180 g Chicken Supreme with Black Salsify Sauce and potato and carrot purée 185,- Kč
150 g Pancetta Wrapped Pork Loin with Vegetables Roasted in Clarified Butter, served with creamy cheese polenta 235,- Kč
200 g Rib Eye Steak with Grilled Autumn Vegetables (carrots, beets, parsley, grenaille potatoes) (thyme sauce +30 Kč, mushroom, Jack Daniel´s sauce +50 Kč) 345,- Kč
150 g Beef Stroganoff with jasmine rice)285,- Kč
150 g Trout Fillet with Baked Cherry Tomatoes, Lime Sauce and grenaille potatoes245,- Kč

Traditional Czech cuisine

350 g Confit Duck Leg with Red Sauerkraut and Crackling Filled Dumplings265,- Kč
150 g Traditional Sirloin of Beef in Cream Sauce with homemade Carlsbad-style dumplings190,- Kč
180 g Slow-baked Pork Cheeks with red wine sauce, potato purée and roasted root vegetables 235,- Kč
400 g Beer Marinated Baked Boneless Ham Hock, served with traditional condiments (mustard, horse-radish, pickled vegetables, blue cheese dressing) and bread225,- Kč
150 g Game Goulash with Tirolean-style Dumplings and red onion 260,- Kč

Delicacies to wine and beer

100 g Beef steak Tartare with crispy bread (premixed)165,- Kč
100 g Greaves spread with salad, pickled vegetables and bread85,- Kč
200 g Selection of Czech cheese, ham and salami with cranberry jam and pastry for 1 person120,- Kč
600 g Selection of Czech cheese, ham and salami with cranberry jam and pastry for 4 people360,- Kč
80 g Roasted Almonds85,- Kč
100 g Potato Crisps (salted) with sweet chilli75,- Kč


100 g Brownies with Sour Cherry Sauce and Pistachio Ice Cream 105,- Kč
1 pc Poached Pear in Red Wine with Mascarpone and Chocolate Bits 105,- Kč

Children's meals

100 g Chicken Cutlet (with/without breading) with creamy mashed potatoes105,- Kč
100 g Sirloin of Beef in Cream Sauce with homemade Carlsbad-style dumplings135,- Kč
200 g Spaghetti with chicken and tomato-cream sauce110,- Kč
80 g Breaded Fried Cheese with French fries and tartar sauce105,- Kč
Today's lunch menu:

Soup: 35,- Kč

Drůbeží vývar s masem a rýží

Menu 1: 165,- Kč

Hamburger s trhaným kachním prsem, brusinkovou majonézou a cibulovým chutney

Menu 2: 0,- Kč


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